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   Having options in business, a plan “B” if you will, is often difficult in that the market dictates who we are. It does not, however, define where we go in the future..

   As most of you know PETA, the ethical treatment for animal organization, and other groups have focused on the horse drawn carriage industry. Specifically, in their view, because of the perceived poor treatment of the horses. This issue is growing and has a large grass roots base.

   Consider André's Carriages as your plan “B”. We have taken a horse drawn carriage and converted it to operate under its own power, 100% emission free. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only carriage in the world for public use to be converted.

   WE ARE NOT SELLING CARRIAGES. We convert what you already own. Not all carriages qualify. We do believe that the vast majority of carriages in operation today are candidates for the conversion.

   This horseless carriage will also open new markets. Currently some potential clients will not allow horses on their premises for a variety of reasons. That no longer becomes an issue with the conversion. The client can now experience the ambience of the horse carriage and satisfying their requirements at the same time. Many locations such as country clubs, state and county park settings are now in your wheel house. Giving bridal parties a tour of their golf course, escorting mobile challenged clients thru the paths of parks during the family outing. There are a number of new venues to pursue. We had one bride play nine holes of golf with her bridal party. We escorted the ladies and the caddies carried the clubs. Lots of fun.

How the Conversion Works

   The carriage is powered by a high amperage car type battery system which drives an electric motor. The power system is virtually maintenance free. Nightly charging and an occasional water level adjustment is all that is needed.

   The cost to feed a battery is pennies a day.

   Carriages are equipped with a forward and reverse, all controlled by a “touch to the finger” switch. No shifting of gears.

   The steering mechanism is a “Tiller System” developed in ancient times and used extensively in the late 1800’s on gas and electric automobiles. The most famous application of the tiller system was incorporated by Ransom Eli Olds (Oldsmobile Car Company Founder) as early as 1896.

   Speed is controlled by a foot pedal.

   Braking is also controlled by a foot pedal providing almost no learning curve for your drivers.

   Storage. Your carriage can be stored virtually anywhere, travel anywhere. The only requirement is to have access to a 110 outlet for charging. No tack to move around.

Cost Savings

   When thinking about this, take that budget you have for the annual upkeep for your horses and put that money in your pocket. Almost 100% of the dollars you spend on food, water, transportation, grooming, vet bills, and insurance will no longer exist. No training of drivers. These savings do not reflect the initial cost of your horses and the time spent finding the right one to purchase.

   You do not have to convert all of your carriages. Try one. “Bet you can’t eat just one”. It’s a good plan “B”. Call or e-mail with your questions. Ask for Dave.

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